In every business, award ceremonies help raise morale and improve public relations. Coming up with original award ceremony concepts isn’t easy though. Whether you’re organizing an internal staff recognition event or a large awards ceremony open to the public, it can be difficult to find creative methods to amuse your audience while awarding prizes. 

There are numerous things to consider when planning your event. From selecting a host and locating a venue to deciding on the structure of your awards presentation. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 10 unique award ceremony ideas to help you plan your event. 

Identify the best host and format.

The format of your award ceremony will be determined by the sort of honors you choose to award. A ceremony honoring artistic or innovative accomplishments is likely to be more dramatic, with much anticipation about who will win the main prize. A ceremony to recognize scholarship recipients or contributions to a non-profit organization may take the shape of a banquet or gala, with less emphasis on humor and more attention on the beneficiaries.

Many award shows use comedians to host the event. However, you might also have a magician, a local singer, or even your CEO host the event. A well-known presenter may help your event appear more professional while also drawing attention away from the prizes. Make sure your host maintains the focus on the recipients and understands your business culture well enough to write a script that is relevant to your employees and consistent with your ideals.

Find an out-of-the-ordinary location.

Take a look at listings on dedicated venue websites for some creative award ceremony ideas, many of which include all of the A/V equipment you’ll need to stage a sophisticated event. You’ll have hundreds of locations to select from in your area.

Because all of these venues are available from local hosts, you’ll have plenty of leeway in customizing your rental. Rent seats and tables for a seated meal, or lighting and audio-visual equipment for a high-tech presentation. Whatever choice you make, you can use a concierge service to assist you in arranging for a reputable caterer, photographer, and other services.

Live streaming

For industry award ceremonies that are accessible to the public, live streaming is an excellent choice. It may also be used for business events involving a geographically dispersed workforce. Live broadcast your award ceremony so that people who are unable to attend may still participate. Inquire with the host to see if their location has A/V equipment and high-speed Wi-Fi suited for live broadcasting your event.

Spend money on quality trophies

Don’t be content with blue ribbons and inexpensive awards. Invest in high-quality trophies that your employees or award recipients will be delighted to display on their desks or at home. It may be more expensive, but it will make the recipients feel appreciated and will help to increase brand recognition when exhibited. 

Give out prizes based on popular votes.

What criteria will you use to choose the recipients of your awards? Will you have a panel of experts from the industry or will your awards be based on corporate success metrics? In advance, announce the format of the event, including the number of categories, and nominate candidates for the awards. Include an audience choice award determined by live polling throughout the show for a unique touch. 

Give out swag bags

Distribute gift bags to all attendees so that no one goes home empty-handed. This is a good opportunity to think creatively about award ceremonies, such as handing out a virtual swag bag. This could include digital gifts or subscriptions to services like Netflix or Hulu. 

HIre a painter to creatively document the event

Complement the presentation with a live painting performance in which an artist paints a one-of-a-kind work of art on stage as the prizes are presented. The artwork might be a realistic representation of the event or more abstract. You never know what may happen. It may even become a one-of-a-kind piece of performance art. Allow the artist to do their thing as long as it does not overshadow the winners. Allow the winner of the highest prize to take it home with them.

Consider using projection mapping

Projection mapping has the power to transform both indoor and outdoor settings into fantastical environments. It’s a vibrant technology that transports viewers to exotic realms ranging from a spacecraft to a lush rainforest. To add an extra layer of flair to the proceedings, choose a venue that enables projection mapping. It will elevate your awards ceremony from ordinary to extraordinary.

Hide a surprise under the seats

Audience members adore surprises, and nothing beats asking them to check under their seats for an unexpected present. Perhaps it’s a signed copy of your CEO’s most recent book or tickets to a performance put on by your event’s MC. Just make sure your venue’s seats have a secret pocket beneath them so your visitors don’t find out about the surprise the moment they sit down! Save it till the end of the night to avoid distracting from the awards.

Theme the catering

Maintain a similar theme throughout your award presentation if it takes place over dinner. Make sure the flow of the dinner matches the flow of the award presentations, from imaginative centerpieces to themed food and drink pairings. Don’t carry on the event too long after the dinner, and don’t rush through the awards before your guests have completed their soup and salad! Work with your caterer to ensure that the food is correctly timed for the duration of the ceremony. 

Throwing an award ceremony is one of the best ways to thank your staff or raise the reputation of individuals who deserve it. Hopefully, some of these award ceremony ideas have sparked your imagination. 

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