Every school year teachers look forward to three things: the start, the vacations, and the end. The start gives them the opportunity to meet the new students. The vacations allow them to recover and recharge. And, at the end, it is the farewell to these children whom they have observed struggle, develop, flourish, and discover their identities. Some of that has been taken away from them this year as a result of school closures and swings back and forth between remote learning and in-person class learning. The End of the Year Awards, on the other hand, provide them a chance to maintain some semblance of normality.

The conclusion of the school year is always a reason to celebrate. Not just because of summer vacation though. It is a time to reflect on how the children have developed and what they have learnt.

Here are some awards that can be given to honor students and make them feel proud of all they have achieved.

End-of-Year Awards in Person

End of year awards are a great tradition in a lot of classrooms. Students have the chance to be recognized for their exceptional learning abilities and outstanding character qualities. A celebration is in order after such a trying year!

Awards that can be printed

End-of-Year Awards can take the for of printed certificates. The awards are excellent because they highlight all of the excellent good characteristics that your students possess. With a number of different possibilities, you’re sure to discover an award that’s just right for each of your pupils.

In-Person Award Presentation

The manner in which prizes can be awarded to pupils will be determined by the school. End-of-year awards can be given in a particular format or during a special assembly at some schools. Furthermore, existing COVID limits may have an influence on how the prizes can be handed out. When selecting how to deliver end-of-year awards, the school’s processes and constraints must be kept in mind. Here are some ideas:

Buy or build a stylish set and a red carpet and display them in an award show fashion.

With nomination cards, students can be encouraged to assist the teacher in deciding who will get each prize.

In order to incorporate writing and discussion, students could even prepare acceptance speeches.

Parents could be asked to attend the awards presentation (if COVID restrictions allow) to act as an audience.

Students might record a statement explaining why they believe they deserve the award they earned.

Above all the awards should be light hearted though. This is the perfect time for introspection but also joy. This has been a challenging year for everyone, so it is important to end the year on a high.


Flipgrid is a digital tool for end-of-year awards.
The slogan for Flipgrid is bringing the back row to the front. Begin a grid, then submit a subject in which students produce a Flipgrid movie to demonstrate their strengths. After they’ve posted videos detailing their year, they can be given prizes. Using this platform students can even deliver award speeches!


Seesaw is the perfect showcase for young learners to share their learning. Parents can create free family accounts so it is guaranteed that everything is safe and easy

Pear Deck

Pear Deck is a terrific, dynamic piece of software that works perfectly in tandem with Google Slides. Using Pear Deck, students write a statement on which award they deserve. Encouraging students to express their reasons for receiving an award is a contemplative activity, but combining it with writing, presentation, and technology results in a powerful teaching method. Even the youngest students can accomplish this in a fun way. Obviously this approach can also be carried on when classes return to normal.

End of year awards for students